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Child support is an obvious need for our children.   Children need financial support as well as emotional support from their parents.  No one argues if children need to be financially supported or emotionally supported. Sometimes there are disagreements in the amounts, but there is always a common concern and care for the children when a loving parent is involved in a divorce case.

Nevada Child Support Guidelines

Nevada Child Support Guidelines Chart
  • 1 Child – 18% of Gross Monthly Income

  • 2 Children – 25% of Gross Monthly

  • 3 Children – 29% of Gross Monthly

  • 4 Children – 31% of Gross Monthly

  • 5+ Children – 2% is added for each additional child

Nevada Child Support - Calculating Costs

These numbers can look scary, and should be taken very seriously.  There are things to remember when calculating these costs.  The court isn’t interested in saddling one party with all the rights and the other with all the responsibility.  The court strives to be fair when considering cases as the judge looks at the evidence.  Our job is to tell the right story, by using accurate numbers and helping to present these numbers in a way which helps you and your children.

Each parent has a share to pay.  Therefore the incomes of both the mother and father are considered along with the living situation of the children and the type of custody arrangements dictated by the courts.

Establishing what constitutes real income and what does not becomes extremely important.   Having to pay or not getting proper child support becomes very stressful if the support isn’t there for the children or paying the support makes regular living hard to do for one parent.

The costs will vary substantially based on who has primary custody as well.   All these items can feel overwhelming, and need the help of a qualified Nevada attorney to help navigate these waters due to the massive financial impact it will have on your future.

Child Support Arrears Attorney

Maybe there was a court order establishing what was to be paid and the party responsible has been negligent in their duties.  In these cases, the offending party can be held in contempt of court for missing their payment obligations.

Our professional staff can ensure you are paid what is owed to you through a multitude of actions through the legal system.  We are here to help you. The courts are very responsive to matters of support because of the effect it has on innocent children and we understand how to apply the law to these cases for a speedy resolution.

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